Not joined SWEAT! yet? Well...good things happen to those who SWEAT!

What is the difference between the Blue & Green memberships?

Our Blue membership allows you full access to all our gym equipment, a Fitness Induction Session,  2 Guest passes, and unlimited Blue gym floor classes.

Our Green membership allows you all the Blue benefits plus access to unlimited classes including our fantastic Spin classes. You also get 1 free 20 minute Personal Training session each and every month. Yes that's all included in the price!

How do I join?

You can either:-
Join on our website, or drop into the club and one of our SWEAT! Sponsors will get you signed up. (Please ensure you bring your bank details and payment card.)
Or you can email our membership team on Members@sweatunion.com

Can I pay annually?

Of course you can, if that’s easier for you.

Is there a minimum age you have to be to join?

Yes, all members must be at least 16 years old to join on our Flexi Membership. On our Rolling Loyalty Bonus membership members must be at least 18 years old. (proof of age may be requested)

How long is the SWEAT! contract?

We like to give members a choice of SWEAT! so we have 2 membership options; you can either choose a membership with on a 12-month direct debit Loyalty Bonus and in return, we will give you a great discounted monthly rate or you can opt for our flexible monthly membership and just pay from month to month. We are so confident you’ll love our club and you won’t want to leave – so why not take advantage of our discounted Loyalty Bonus rate. 

Do you offer any OAP’s or Student Discounts?

We offer a great deal for Students in full-time education with a University or Student card, please ask in club.

Do you offer any Corporate Discounts?

Please speak to one of our SWEAT! Sponsors at the club who will give you more details on our corporate packages.

Can I delay my start date?

Yes. Within the same month you can choose a date for your membership to start.

When can I use my 2 free Guest Passes?

If you join in the Club then a SWEAT! Sponsor will issue you with 2 free Guest Passes  If you join on-line then we will give you your passes the first time you come into the Club.  You can choose to give passes to any of your family or friends and they can use SWEAT! for one free visit. (Passes must be used prior to their expiry date)

Can I pay by cash or card?

SWEAT! does not accept cash in the club, but you can pay by Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard and Maestro. We do not accept Amercian Express.

Can I join if I don’t have a UK Bank Account?

All prospective members will need to have a UK bank account in order to join SWEAT!

Do I get a SWEAT! Support Induction session?

Yes, once you have joined you receive a complimentary SWEAT! Support Induction session (30 minutes) from a qualified Personal Trainer ('SWEAT! Buddy') of your choice. Training sessions can be booked through the membership area on our website or at one of our kiosks in the gym. Your complimentary session will take you through an all-inclusive programme that has been designed specific to your goals and preferences; gym floor exercises, suggested classes, SWEAT! fitness challenges and helpful nutrition tips. We request that all members arrive 5 minutes before their induction start time and meet your SWEAT! Buddy at the Checkin Desk.

I am Green Member, how do I get my free monthly Personal Training session?

When you join as a new Green member or transfer from an existing Green membership you will be given a PT Sessions card. You can then book your Personal Training session with the SWEAT! Buddy of your choice via the membership area on our website or at one of our kiosks in the gym. When you arrive for your training session you will need to ensure that you take your PT Sessions card with you and the SWEAT! Buddy will sign your card. If you don’t take your card the Personal Trainer will have to charge you the normal personal training rate for the session.

Does SWEAT! have Personal Trainers in the club?

Yes, we have a dynamic team of SWEAT! Buddies (personal trainers) who will design individual programmes to achieve your fitness goals and match your exercise preferences. We believe that the help of a SWEAT! Buddy is invaluable to you achieving your goals and makes an integral part of your fitness programme, so we want to make it as easy and affordable as possible! That's why we offer bite-sized personal training sessions so you can receive the support you need. 

Do SWEAT! clubs have Swimming Pools, Sauna and Steam rooms?

No, our priority is fitness. We offer top of the range Technogym fitness equipment and more than 60 classes a week. You won’t find many other low cost gyms offering that!

How do I gain access to the club?

You will be issued with a membership card and you will be required to swipe your card on every entry. Our Checkin Desk is fully manned so the team will be on hand to help you. You need to ensure you bring your card on every visit, as without it we may not be able to permit entry.

Do you have parking?

Depending on location, SWEAT! members may have access to a car park and they are required to follow the car park rules as set out by the car park management company.

Do you have sunbeds?

No, we consider sunbeds a risk to your health and SWEAT! is all about looking after your health!

Do you have paper towels in the gym?

No, at SWEAT! we feel that proper towels are far more cost effective and saves our planet. All members must use a towel and you can either bring your own, or a SWEAT! friendly fitness branded towel can be purchased from our vending machines in reception.

Does SWEAT! offer Aerobic Classes?

SWEAT! has a fantastic range of classes including spin and bite-size blue classes on the gym floor. Green membership includes all these classes free of charge.

Are there changing facilities, showers, lockers and hairdryers in the club?

We have plenty of showers. Hairdryers are available in the changing area. To secure your locker you will need a padlock which can be purchased from the vending machines at reception. Lockers are only to be used while you are in the club.

Does the club have Wi-Fi?

No, but we have internet stations on the ground floor near the Checkin Desk.

Where do I find the Club Rules?

Go to our home page and at the bottom of the page you will see a link to the Club Rules. Please take time to read these rules. The Club Rules are also displayed in the club.

Payment Questions

What is the cancellation policy?

We hope you never want to cancel your membership but in the unlikely event that you wish to cancel your membership you need to send us an email on Members@sweatunion.com from the email you registered on your membershio.  No refunds are given on joining fees, pre-paid dues or part used monthly payments.

As per the club rules you are reqired to inform us by 15th of a month either by emailing members@sweatunion.com or in person at the club via a cancellation form.

Please note that if you are on the discounted Rolling Loyalty membership rate you are required to make a minimum number of direct debit payments as per your contract before you are able to cancel.   After you have made the minuimim number of direct debit payments your membership will continue as a monthly member and your notice will be as the flexible membership.

No refunds are given on joining fees or part used monthly payments. 

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes of course you can if you are unable to use the club. We like to make things as easy as possible for our members. To arrange a freeze you need to send us an email on Members@sweatunion.com. Please contact us by the 15th of the month. Freezing is only £5 per month and you can freeze for a minimum of a month. You need to freeze from / to your payment date. Please inform us how long you wish to freeze for. 

When are direct debits taken?

Payments are taken on the 1st of every month. 

What if my direct debit payment fails?

Please log into your account to make payment.  Please note rejected payments or if you do not have a valid direct debit set up you will be charged an additional monthly fee of £15. 

Can I change my bank details?

Yes send us an email on Members@sweatunion.com from your registered email address on your membership. Please contact us as least 15 days before your direct debit date so we can re-set up your new details.

Can I upgrade my Blue membership to Green membership?

Great choice! Just pop in to the club or call our email us at Members@sweatunion.com.

Already a SWEAT! Member

What happens after I have joined?

You will receive a membership card which you will need to gain entry to the club. If you joined at home on-line you will just need to bring in your welcome email, which you can show us either on your phone, tablet or with a printed copy and we will provide you with your membership card.

You will also need to upload a selfie onto your membership profile.  You can either email a picture of yourself to Members@sweatunion.com and we will upload it for you, or you can do it yourself at sweatunion.com by logging into the members area.

We will endeavour to communicate with you between joining and starting at the club to ensure you are kept updated with any events or happenings.

Are there members of staff on duty to help me?

Yes of course. SWEAT! is fully manned with our SWEAT! Buddy and SWEAT! Star team who will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. We also have an extensive cleaning team to make sure the club is super clean and fresh.

Can I bring a Guest?

Yes, we’d be delighted! You can bring a guest on our day rate of £5.99. Just come into the Club with your guest.

If I am a Blue member can I pay to attend a class?

Yes of course. You can purchase a class pass in the member’s area or at the Checkin Desk. The cost is £3.99 per class. If you love our classes so much you can simply upgrade your membership to our Green membership so you can access all our classes for free!

What are the opening times of the club?

Our opening hours are:-
Monday-Friday: 6.00am – 10pm
Weekends: 8am – 7pm

What if I lose my card?

That’s no problem just let our Checkin Desk know and they will issue you with a new card, there is a small, £3, charge to cover the cost of the new card.

How do I book a class?

If you are on a Green membership just go into the membership area on the website and you can choose which class you want to book. When you come into the club please ask the SWEAT! Star on the Checkin Desk for a token. You need to hand your token to the class instructor. Any un-used tokens should be handed back to the Checkin Desk.
To ensure you get the most out of your class from beginning to end we ask that you arrive at the studio at least 5 minutes before your class start time. However once the class has started you will not be able to enter the studio, so please ensure that you arrive with enough time to be changed and ready for the start time of your class.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?

Sorry, we don’t allow transfers. The membership is solely for you to use.

Can I give my card to another person to use the club?

Sorry, no. The card is for your own personal use only. Any member found abusing this rule will have their membership cancelled immediately, so please don’t do it.

Can I leave items in my locker overnight?

Not a good idea. For security, all lockers are emptied every night and your padlock will be removed and destroyed. You will need to purchase a new padlock from our vending machines. We also cannot be held responsible for items left in lockers overnight so please ensure you don’t bring valuables into the club.

Is there CCTV at the club?

Yes, for your added safety our club has CCTV in operation at all times.

Can I re-join if I have previously been a member?

Have you missed us as much as we missed you? We would love to welcome you back, you can call into the club  or send us an email to Members@sweatunion.com

Is the website secure?

Yes your details are encrypted and personal details will be kept private.